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    Technology that helps come from us.
    We connect the dot between technology and its users.
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    We are dotnet e-business associates and consulting company providing
    robust digital services in the cloud, on the web, desktop and mobile.
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    Technology Company that Knows You.
    We connect the dotnet between technology and its users.

Dotnet e-Business & Consulting

dotNET e-Business Associates & Consulting is an international Information and Communication Technology company with wider experience in different facets of the ICT field. We help our clients to implement ICT solutions using proven technologies. We have international partners around the world, this helps to have diverse expertise in the area of ICT now with first class focus in Cloud Technologies on Microsoft Technologies. We have two offices in Abuja Nigeria and Dubai, UAE. We are professionals that understand the underlying value of what it takes to bring system clarity and design exceptional solutions that meet the expectations of our clients. We design, implement and support both private cloud infrastructure and public cloud infrastructure, data center, FCOE Network, Unified Communication Systems. Other products and services as details below. Our clients range from governmental organizations, small and medium scale businesses, educational organizations, non-governmental organizations and others.

Cloud Development

.NET e-Business Associates & Consulting Ltd helps its customers build outstanding custom software to manage their businesses that will be deployed on the cloud. All our software development must be built based on customers’ specifications that will be consistent to their needs. We use best patterns and practices to help us build applications that are fast, reliable, maintainable and scalable.We implement Microsoft Azure Technology, as we believe in the power of the Platform as a Service, Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service that Azure provides

Unified Communication

dotNET e-Business Associates & Consulting builds both wired and wireless network for its clients with great speed reliability, availability, and high security. Furthermore, we are expert in designing and implementing unified communication system that ranges across organization and which we give up-to-the minute post-implementation support. We have team of professionals who are versatile with using industry proven technologies to help clients implemented connected communication systems ranging from IP-Based telephone system, IP-Based security camera, IP-Based public notification system, messaging and collaboration, building management system and fire safety integrated system. We expert with the CISCO unified communication system, NEC unified communication System, Panasonic, Avaya, Shoretel, Mitel and Interactive Intelligence

We are Smart Home Builders

Devices Smart Homes What more, we add intelligence into buildings and homes by using modern devices together to control all the services in a building from electric system, mechanical, security system and we also add monitoring capabilities to the building to enable good facility management and sense any danger that might occur not only that are smart devices manufacturers

Our Vision And Mission

We meet and get to know you. You tell us and we listen.
We build your application to realise your vision and we deliver the ready product that will scale up on demand, run on any device or system.

Leader in Microsoft Azure

As leader in the cloud implementation industry dotnet e-Business associates & consulting takes bold step in research and development in order to produce innovative deliverables that will help our customers in service delivery

Project Management

dotNET e-Business Associates & Consulting delivers diverse types of consulting in areas of IT and helps clients manage their IT projects to meet their expectations. Customers call on .NET e-Business Associates & Consulting due to our exceptional services we give to help them achieve their goals within budget and on time. We help organizations to manage project scope without the project suffered from scope creeping.

Quality Service & Support

We deliver products of high quality, also offer intangible services with 24/7 supports to our customers

If you cannot understand your problems, we do even before talking with you, Problem solving is our passion and we understand your needs & everything you.
Just Believe It.

- dotNET e-Business Associates & Consulting -

Meet Our Team

We meet clients, study get their requirements, analyse and refine the requirements to meet the conceptual thinking of our clients then design the concept and implement concrete solutions, our customers talk and we listen.
We build your cloud deliverable to realise your vision and we deliver the ready to deploy product to the cloud.

    Ibrahim Mohammed

    / Solutions Architect

      Architect, design, and orchestrate different third party tools to achieve common automated processes that add values to clients.
      Guide team of developers with requirement definition processes and map the requirements to physical deliverables.
      Support development team with best patterns and practices with clients solution
      Articulate and demonstrate what is required for a successful implementation.
      Articulate and demonstrate what is required for a successful implementation.
      Implementing and architecting cloud-based solutions.
      Supervising contract management and project management
      Supporting clients with requirements discovery.

    Kira Chen

    / Lead Designer

    Lead Designer at dotnet e-Business.

    Smith Scroff

    / Web Architect

    Amara Shen

    /Subject Matter Expert




Team Members

Our Services

We do things differently providing key digital services.
Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business in the cloud, on web, desktop and mobile.

Cloud Application Design & Development

We are Microsoft Azure experts, we architect, design, implement and support Microsoft Azure solutions and services that could be private, cloud or hybrid, we started implementing Cloud Solutions since the advent of cloud

  • Cloud Services Application Development & Brand Design
  • Mobile First Development
  • Cloud Web Sites and Emails Services

Hardware Procurement & Consulting

.NET e-Business Associates & Consulting Ltd guides companies during hardware and software procurement processes. Our clients are well guided during selection of best and affordable products in the market that will meet their requirements. Not limited to selection of products, we also help companies implement, maintain and support the hardware and software procured. As Dell Value Added Partner, we help companies to select best Dell products for their businesses and also provide technical and warrants support.

  • Power Sector Hardware Procurement & Consulting
  • Private Cloud Hardware Procurement
  • Devices Manufacturing

Training & Mentoring

We offer onsite and offsite training to organization in areas of ICT and project management. We help organization evaluate the IT skills of the employees and recommend the best training that will need to support their day-to-day activities.

  • Microsoft Technologies Training
  • IT Power Sector Training
  • Analysis & Consulting

dotNET e-Business Associates & Consulting provides key cloud computing services that target Microsoft Azure and focus on helping our clients to build a successful business applications that run in the cloud, on the web and mobile.

Our Portfolio

We do things differently our company provides and build key cloud services applications.
Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business in the cloud, on the web, on-premises and mobile. We went a step further to design and produce a product called CoCoPro, which is smart project that allows you play, work and change your office or home to cinema and gives you the power you will require from Televisions and Projector, Hence Smart-CoCoPro-II is world's first 3D LED Projector that turns your wall into big gigantic screen that make you be part the motion picture, it does not stop there, it runs on tweaked version of Android 4.2, that will also make to play while still watching TV.

Our Clients

  • Sarumi Olajide

    IT Analyst, Pharmacists Council of Nigeria

    I will like to tell you that dotnet e-Business and Consulting has been our consulting company in the last 8 years and it had delivered supersonic products for us and also led us to implement - cloud solutions!

  • Kayode Daniel

    IT Architect, National Insurance Commission

    dotNET e-Business proposed to us hybrid cloud technologies which we found essential but the path deemed cumbersome but that was alleviated by dotNET e-Business

  • Bashir Adamu

    IT Analyst & Head Investigation, ICPC

    since 2007, dotNET e-Business has being helping us in the area of security. Thank you dotNET!

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